The Music - Chapter 2.47
Written by Megan Campbell

There came a point when I was trying to figure out when and where each of Sarah's songs would be highlighted in the chapters that I realized there were a lot of love songs. That was inevitable since I believe the majority of songs revolve around love to one extent or another. However, it led me to the idea to play through a love story using the songs to indicate what happens. I think it worked out well, but unfortunately you won't get to hear all of the story this week. In the meantime here are the two songs that comprise the start of this love story.

When I came up with the concept of having a love song about Josh Holliday I knew that I wanted it to be meaningful and slow. It had to be filled with emotion because that is what Megan/Sarah was feeling at the time. When I found this song to go with my idea for the story it was a perfect fit.

Miley Cyrus
The Time of Our Lives

I hadn't ever heard this song before it was suggested to me as a cover that Sarah could sing. But I like the song quite a bit and the thought and message that it conveys certainly fits with what I needed for the love story I've already talked about. Enjoy.

If We Try
Don McLean
Don McLean: Favorites and Rarities


0 # Eric 2011-08-03 02:21
Thanks for including "If We Try". When I did the research, I was surprised to see that nobody had covered it as either a single or an album cut on a Top 200 album or CD. (A U.K. dance single called If We Try is a different song.)

Odd: the cover version by the Filipina singer Aiza Seguerra has been on YouTube for two years now, but I'd missed it until it showed up on the "up next" list here. It seems very close to the way I'd have expected Sarah to sing it. Aiza was apparently in her twenties when she recorded it, but she sounds a bit younger.

I'd never heard of her before now, but she has some other interesting covers on YouTube, along with some nice original (or more obscure) material.

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0 # Megan Campbell 2011-08-07 22:47
Thank you for suggesting the song. I was very happy with the responses I got when I asked for cover songs, and I think you provided the most suggestions. I'm happy to say that nearly all of the cover songs were suggested by readers. I just wish I could have used more of them.

I thought about including a link to Aiza's video when I posted this but opted not to in the end. However if anyone wants to hear it click here:
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