The Music - Chapter 2.44
Written by Megan Campbell

There are a few concerts in Sarah's tour that I put a lot of thought into because of the story that surrounds them. This was one of those concerts. With many of Sarah's family and friends at the concert, I really wanted it to be special. As I was trying to figure out what songs to include for this chapter I wanted them to be fun and meaningful. What I ended up with were three songs that told her family and friends just how exciting and amazing her new life is. She got to share "the secret" with them in a way that they would never even understand.

To start off the set, I wanted a song that told her family and friends how happy she was to have them in the audience. 'Super Trouper' from ABBA or Mamma Mia! was a perfect song to do this with. I personally love the Mamma Mia! movie (probably because I've never had the opportunity to see the Broadway show), and felt that the movie version was perfect for this part of the story.

Super Trouper
Meryl Streep, Julie Walters & Christine Baranski
Mamma Mia! (The Movie Soundtrack)

After she had told all of her friends and family how excited she was that they were at the concert, I wanted her to be able to tell them how much her new career meant to her. 'My Life' was a no brainer choice for this song, as it was written by Sarah after her first big concert, and it was meant to capture those feelings. I put a sound to the song all the way back when I was writing about it at the beginning of Book 2. I fell back into the roots of where this story started and used a Miley Cyrus song that more or less captures what I had envisioned.

The Time of Our Lives
Miley Cyrus
The Time of Our Lives

The next song was specifically for Paul. Just as Sarah was amazed at the growth that Paul had gone through over the summer, she also reflected on her own growth when writing 'Fearless'. I had to kick myself when I realized that I named the song after listening to a number of song's on Taylor Swift's album of the same name, though at least I didn't use Taylor's song with the same title.

This song was one of the few songs where I started the idea by finding the track first. I fell in love with this song the first time I heard it, and wanted to use it in the story. Adapting it to the story was interesting, and while the story in the song is different from the one that Sarah tells, I do think the beat and "feel" is perfect.

I'm Still Good
Hannah Montana
Hannah Montana Forever

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